Concealed Handgun License

Are you thinking about getting a handgun for self protection or do you want to be able to carry one with you all the time or do you just have concerns about what you can legally do or not do to protect yourself at home or in public?

If the answer is yes the CHL-Fort Worth is the place you want to be to learn the right way. CHL-Fort Worth is dedicated teaching you the laws concerning self defense and helping you become proficient in the safe handling of handguns.

Too many times we base our decisions on things we thought we always true but in self defense, particularly the use of deadly force for self defense, knowing the true fact is the one thing that can separate your actions to lawful from unlawful actions.

If I shoot someone in my yard, should I drag them onto my porch? If I travel between two counties and leave my gun in plain view on the seat of my car is it against the law? Didn’t we hang all horse thieves in Texas?

If you want to know the answers to the above questions then attending one of our Concealed Handgun License training classes is the place you need to be.

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